• Boat 55,00$
  • Motor 85,00$
  • Sonar 30,00$
  • American plan
    (Marmette only)
  • Generator 40,00$





You can make a reservation by phone at 1-800-567-1265 or by email at: marmettedemilune@gmail.com

Depending on the circumstances of the reservation cancellation, we can make arrangements. If you need to cancel in advance we will keep your deposit and reschedule your reservation to another date. If you cancel last minute or don’t show up, we keep your deposit.

You can always change the number of people in your reservation. However, if you want to change the number of nights, you will have to check if it is possible with the other reservations.

It is always better to ask for them in advance, because if you ask for them on the spot, they may not be available anymore.

You can find out what is included in our accommodations here.

We sell some fishing gear, clothing with our logos and other items.

You can find a list of what we sell here.

We do sell leeches and worms, however it is always best to notify us in advance to make sure we have enough for you.

The water in all our cottages and houseboats is not safe to drink. However, at the Gouin reservoir, there is a water source that you can reach by boat.

At Marmette-sur-le-Gouin, the limit per fisherman is 8 walleyes between 32 and 47 centimeters and 10 pikes.

At Demi-Lune, the limit per fisherman is 6 walleyes between 32 and 53 centimeters and 10 pikes.

At Marmette-sur-le-Gouin, the fish must be filleted.
See the procedure

At Demi-Lune, a portion of skin must remain on each fillet to identify the fish.

It is possible to travel by plane to our two outfitters. On the other hand, there is a train that goes to Parent, which is an hour’s drive by vehicle from our outfitters.

WiFi is only available at the reception of the two outfitters. All our cottages or houseboats do not have WiFi.


Contact us!

If you have any other questions or information, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.